End of 2013

About a week ago I had my last day with EY, which was very sad. I’m going to miss everyone there a lot. However, I got a chance to go skiing in Colorado with my friends Oliver, Emma, and Nick that weekend, which was great. I’m still trying to get the hang of using WordPress, so I guess I’m using this post as a way to see if I can get my photos from the weekend up (I took some nice ones on my phone, despite my hand nearly freezing off every time I took it out of my glove).

Nick, Oliver, Emma, and I took this group selfie at a bar called the Goat for George's birthday

Nick, Oliver, Emma, and I took this group selfie at a bar called the Goat for George’s birthday

When I got to CO I find out that Oliver’s mom and brother were also around. That was great. I hadn’t seen Nick in years, and he has tons of interesting stuff to share. I may actually pick myself up a bag of hemp seeds the next time I’m in a health food store because of him.

Oliver and I went to camp together. He’s from DC though, so we also saw each other there when I moved to DC. Ironically, he went to the same high school as one of my roommates in DC, Billy. They want everyone to know that they are French, so their mascot is a frog.

Tonight I actually just got back from visiting my grandmother in Florida. I had a great trip. I went down there just a day or two after getting back from CO. Next stop, Ireland. We saw two movies: American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street. Hustle was good. I like Jennifer Lawrence in it a lot. Wolf was three hours long. The first hour and a half was just a rip off of House of Lies, and the second half was better, but not completely redeeming. I find the details of the money laundering and fraud cool, but they glazed over all of that.

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  1. VisitSiena says:

    nice photos 🙂

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