The Red Centre

The “Red Centre” is the last post I’ve been meaning to write about my trip to Australia. The Red Centre (we would spell it Red Center) is the name that Aussies have given the center of the Outback which has a very high iron content, so all of the rocks and the sand are red. The Outback is pretty huge, but the Red Centre is centered around Alice Springs and Uluru-Ayers Rock, both in the Norther Territory.

Alice Springs don’t got much going on. Its story can be told through some of the signs I saw while I was in town:


If you don’t see any water in the Todd River it’s because there isn’t any. It runs very infrequently. Apparently the myth is that if you see the water three times you are stuck in Alice for life. And the sign of directions to other Australian locales just shows that Alice Springs is very far from much of anything and right in the middle of the continent.

Since Alice Springs doesn’t offer much I took a day trip to Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) and Kata Jtuta (formerly known as The Olgas), which are monoliths in the desert that Australia and the indigenous Australians have made a national park out of. I’m glad I made the trip despite having to sit on a bus for more than 1,100 km round trip.

Australia was my last stop before I head off to Nicaragua, and I made it a point to see as many of my friends as possible. I did a great job, especially for my Shohola friends. In Australia I added Catherine and Kate Walsh (having already seen Mel in Ireland), plus I saw Lubben, Lucas, and Doug before leaving for Australia. Adding those five to my previous 19, I got to see 24 Shohola friends from leaving work in December until I head off to Nicaragua.

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