How I Met Your Mother, Even Though She Isn’t the Point

First of all, I need to expose Barney’s deep, dark secret for once and for all, so the world can know the truth about him:


The following is a censored version of my tirade after watching the series finale of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) the other night (I am visiting another Volunteer and she has Wi-Fi. I binged), as sent to my old roommates and friends Sean and Billy, who introduced me to Ted and the gang:

SPOILERS warning if you haven’t seen the finale yet

I’m visiting another volunteer in another part of the country. She has wifi. We just binge watched the end of HIMYM. That was horribly depressing. And it was about Robyn the whole time. But to be with her she had to get a divorce and become depressed and his wife had to get sick and die. Wtf. It wasn’t even about the mother it really was about Robyn. I am so mad right now. I wish I could have been there to watch with you guys. Wtf

Has anyone else had different feelings on the finale? So far Billy, Sean, and my friend Nicole all seem to have the same feelings as me. Let me know.

And yes, Barney was going to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua:

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