Taste Every Fruit

Yesterday, with some of my site mates, we were discussing the various exotic fruits and vegetables of Nicaragua. The conversation was sparked by the appearance of a strange fruit I had not seen before in the market. I described it as a flaming heart (yes, just like Stannis’ sigil in Game of Thrones), and my site mate, Lauren, immediately knew what it was: dragonfruit, known as pithaya in Spanish.

Last night as I was Googling around at various tropical fruits I stumbled upon a European guy on YouTube that has a series of videos called, “Taste Every Fruit.” He is kind of funny, and so far he has tasted 30 different fruits. There are still plenty left for him to sink his teeth into, but I figured I would share one of his videos with you, and if you want you can watch some of the others. I have his foray into starfruit here, since starfruit is something that I have mentioned before here on this blog.

Right now the price of the pithaya is pretty high (little ones are going for 25 Córdobas, which is about $1) since it is still early in the season, but once they come down I will definitely buy one. And maybe, since the Taste Every Fruit guy hasn’t gotten his hands on pithaya yet, I will make my own Taste Every Fruit video of pithaya.

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2 Responses to Taste Every Fruit

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  2. John C. Bohuniek II says:

    This is a much better game than, “Drink Every Water”.

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