Fun Filled Fun Weekend

As I said on Friday, I had a lot planned for this past weekend. On Friday night I went to a baroque music concert at the fanciest hotel in León. I haven’t been converted into a baroque music fan, but it was cool and lasted for about an hour. It also just goes to show how lucky I am to be in León rather than a smaller site.

On Saturday I went to El Sauce, León with my friend Jessica to meet our friends Blair and Joanna. El Sauce is small, but nice. Very green and right next to some hills and mountains. We climbed to the top of the water tower (so That 70’s Show!) to get the best view. In one of these pictures you can even faintly see Momotombo way way out in the distance.

Heading up to Hot Sauce on Saturday wasn’t enough for the weekend, so on Sunday we decided to go to the beach, Paso de Caballos, in Chinandega. Getting there was interesting. The highway passes Chichigalpa, the site of previously discussed sugar cane fields and rum distillation. And to the surprise of no one who read my post about the plight of sugar cane workers, they had blocked the highway as part of their ongoing strike/protest (a strike/protest I was unaware of until we were stopped). We did manage to make it past and get to the beach, but while waiting I did manage to snap some pics of San Cristobal volcano, the largest and most active volcano in Nicaragua.


As Jessica said, "That's just the giant volcano that I live under."

As Jessica said, “That’s just the giant volcano that I live under.”

No pics from the beach, but the currents were very strong and Jessica and Blair gave us a bit of a scare when they had a hard time getting back to shore (lifeguards are a foreign idea here, but for anyone in the Peace Corps who is certified to teach lifeguarding, it would be an excellent secondary project).

After the beach we watched the exciting, but ultimately unfulfilling USA vs. Portugal match, then I headed home after a fun filled fun weekend (the strike/protest had cleared by that time).

So far this week is off to a good start for me. I had a very nice meeting with a women who works in rural tourism development this morning, and at least one of my injured teachers will be back tomorrow, which will be very beneficial for his students.

Also, like and/or comment on this post if you get the reference in the title to this post. Fun Filled Fun!

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  1. einsler says:

    Really, Fun Filled Fun. No one? Aussie Rob?

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