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As defined by Congress, the Peace Corps has three goals. And one of them is to promote America’s understanding of other culture. I primarily work toward this goal through this blog. And last year, the Peace Corps inaugurated a new competition to support this goal called Blog it Home. Blog it Home is a competition for serving Peace Corps Volunteers. We submit our blogs, and the best writers from around the world are flown back to DC for third goal outreach activities.

Last year, one of these activities happened to be at the Mt. Pleasant Public Library. So I make the five minute trek from my house to the library, and heard presentations from the winners. They were Volunteers from Mexico, Thailand, Jamaica, and Ethiopia. Ironically, my invitation for the Peace Corps arrived less than seven days after that event. And ever since then I have been inspired to maintain a blog and one day hopefully be a Blog it Home finalist. Even better, since the finalists fly to DC, I could visit all of my friends that still live there.

I’ve officially submitted this blog for consideration this year. If you truly think that my blog is worthy, I encourage you to post comments on my blog posts. Old ones and new ones. It could be anything – a compliment, comment, link to another blog or questions. Also, you could share your favorite posts on Facebook. I would really appreciate it, and it would go to show that my readers back home enjoy the insight that I am providing them into Nicaragua.


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2 Responses to Blog it Home

  1. Doug says:

    Hi Eric! if you won that contest it would literally be a homecoming. Keep up with the blog – I think you will like to remember your experience in the future, regardless of any awards.

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