My Host Family

My friends and family ask me about my host family a lot, so I figured I would just make a post about them.

There are five permanent members of the household:

  • Doña Evelyn, in her sixties I would say, lawyer, works at City Hall
  • Juan Pablo, mid-thirties, Evelyn’s son, lawyer and professor
  • Raquel, Juan Pablo’s wife, about 30 years old
  • Evelyn, 3 years old
  • Bellota

Evelyn refuses to let me take a good photo, so here is a small collection of bad photos of little Evelyn:

In addition to the four permanent human members of the home, a co-worker of Evelyn’s and family friend, Jared, is over on nearly a daily basis:

IMG_2471And other than those five people things are pretty quiet around here. We do have a maid that comes six mornings a week (no, she does not clean my room, only my bathroom occasionally), and my family also has women come regularly to do the ironing and give mani/pedis (again, I am not a beneficiary of these services). And I think the generaly tranquility of my house is a rarity here in Nicaragua. People often live with extended family members and have other people coming and going periodically from the house. I like how our house is pretty quiet and I am not always being introduced to new people whom I have no idea how they are related to the family.


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