Dulce’s Birthday

Dulce is a Peace Corps host mother here in León. Joanna currently lives in her house, and Lauren lived there prior. The best way to describe her is Educator, Business Women, and Community Organizer. She has a number of jobs, both formal and informal. She has also been very helpful for me in my service. She has introduced me to a lot of people that I work with, and she is always offering more support when I need it (as well as lunch or dinner when I am hungry).

Dulce also has a great family. In their big and beautiful colonial house live Dulce and her husband Luis (who is currently on business in Eastern Europe), his father, also Luis, Dulce’s son (you guessed it, Luis), and her three daughters, Dulce, Laura, and Rosalia. Plus there is the puppy, Jersey, three turtles, a parrot, Joanna, and usually two or three other people hanging around.

Friday night was Dulce’s birthday party and they were gracious enough to invite all five of the Peace Corps Volunteers in León. We were all blown away by what her daughter’s pulled together. We had homemade Mexican food, good drinks, and cake. Plus there was dancing and general fun had by all.

I can’t wait for next year and Dulce’s 50th!

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