Competition Season

Competition season is not getting off to a good start. Here’s what has to come together to get León’s best representatives to Managua for the national competition in November:

  • Select the best groups from each section in each school
  • Select the best students from each school
  • Select the best students from each town/city
  • Select the best students from the department of León

In addition to that list of competitions, a local business college has invited my students to another competition, which is this coming Saturday. Plus, I am helping teachers from other towns in the department of León prepare their students and hold their competitions. October is a busy month, no doubt about it.

We held the first level sectional competitions two weeks ago. Last week was supposed to be all of the school-wide competitions. I had school competitions planned every day of the week. I woke up on Monday with a legitimate case of the flu and did not make it to anything until Wednesday (Tuesday’s school competition was incidentally cancelled). By today (I’m writing this late Monday night) I was finally starting to catch up. The León municipal competition is supposed to be this Friday; the this happened:


… School is already cancelled tomorrow. Last time there was an earthquake it was cancelled for four weeks.


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