La Colonia

This morning I awoke at around 8:30 to a racket up the street. “What could it be?” I thought. You see, the last Friday if every month there is no school, so it couldn’t be a marching band or school event. So I went up the street to investigate.

Two blocks north of me the street was blocked off and it was filled with tents offering food and other household products.

Beyond the sea of tents there were clowns, face painting for kids, and a band playing. Perhaps a Halloween parade? No, it couldn’t be. Nicaraguans really don’t celebrate Halloween.

When I finally emerged from the sea of tents at the next corner I finally discovered what the hoopla was all about:


The La Colonia’s grand opening is today. La Colonia is the Whole Foods of Nicaragua. High-end, air conditioned, expensive supermarket with lots of imported products. And it was an absolute zoo this morning:

The new La Colonia is only two blocks north of my house, so I will definitely find myself there at some point, but definitely not today. They do have Old Spice deodorant, which is an absolute game changer. They chose a good day for their grand opening. They could have never gotten away with blocking traffic or so much noise on a regular school day, since the richest private school in León, La Salle, is right across the street. I wanted to take more pictures, but I was prohibited from doing so by a security guard who told me that taking photos is prohibited. Yes, this supermarket is so upscale they have active security and a no photos policy.

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