Happy Anniversary Incidents of Travel

I’m not one to typically commemorate anniversaries. I just don’t see why simply having making it around the sun again is such a big deal. However, having given up my chance to self-congratulate my blog on its 100th post, I’m taking this opportunity on the occasion of its one-year anniversary. I published my first blog post on November 15, 2013.

Three volcanoes

Three volcanoes

Here’s a quick review of some of my most popular posts since then, as well as some of my favorites:

Good Riddance to Semana Santa

What’d you do in the last Year?

The closest you’ll ever get to reading the contents of My Journal

On the Pussification of the Peace Corps

And My Permanent Site Is… León, León!

To make things fun and interesting, I’m offering a challenge. Anyone who achieves/completes one of the following tasks/challenges will win a picture with me greeting them with a hand-written sign somewhere cool in Nicaragua. If you manage to get more than three I will make you a personalized video, not simply a photo.

  1. In order, list the countries that I visited prior to coming to Nicaragua (answer by commenting on this post)
  2. Did Raujon choose to fight for the elves or for the men? Let me know on Facebook and link to the blog post where you found out.
  3. What country was I in when Pete Seeger died? Link to the post on my Facebook.
  4. What was I for Halloween last year? Find the picture and post the link to the blog post on my Facebook.
  5. Do I drink Flor de Caña rum, or do I not drink Flor de Caña rum? Find the post where I answer that question and post it on my Facebook.

If we are not friends on Facebook you can just comment on this post.

Also, if anyone can guess my personal all-time favorite post (comment on this post or on the post that you think is it) I will think of something cool to do for them.

Another bonus question (haven’t thought of a reward for it yet either): where was the banner photo for my blog taken? Post the answer in the comments. There are some people who can’t participate in this bonus question. They know who they are.

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5 Responses to Happy Anniversary Incidents of Travel

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  2. einsler says:

    No one? Nothing? I thought for sure Nicole Cata would take a crack at this, or Catherine McLean.

  3. Ok, I can’t find a Facebook link, but you were in Mexico when Pete Seeger died and you were a white tiger for Halloween last year 🙂

  4. einsler says:

    Cate wins! Digital prize will be forthcoming. Happy Thanksgiving Catherine and Luke.

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