What Now?

The National Entrepreneurship Congress and Competition is over. The school year is all but over. The wonders of Matagalpa have been explored. Thanksgiving has been had at the Ambassador’s Residence. What now? What do I do, with respect to work, now that the school year is nearly over?

Lounging at the Ambassador's pool, post Thanksgiving Dinner

Lounging at the Ambassador’s pool, post Thanksgiving Dinner

First, I have other projects going on other than school.

Second, my parents are visiting from December 17 to December 31. We will be hitting up Rio San Juan, Ometepe, Granada and the Pueblos Blancos, and León. And then on the 31st they leave and my friends Eric and Elizabeth arrive with Eric’s family for a beachy New Years at Playa Gigante. I might also scamper back up to Estelí one more time this year (I really like that city and there is a lot to do in that part of the country).

And third, I’m looking to find some more work and get involved with more projects in León. In particular, I am trying to work with social and health groups that my site-mates work with. Joanna and Isabel, both Health Volunteers, work with a number of groups for disadvantaged people. Victims of domestic abuse, HIV +, commercial sex workers, LGBT, etc (and unfortunately all too often these group inter-mesh). Hopefully over the next two months I can get introduced to the groups and offer them personal financial management assistance, small business advice, and organize them into mutual savings banks. My ultimate goal is not only to help them economically, but through their new-found financial security help their self-esteem and thereby help them confront the social and health issues that they face. For instance, I would hope that a more financially stable HIV+ individual would be more likely to regular take his or her anti retro-virals.

Enough with the humble. Pics from the Ambassador’s Residence to make you jealous (thanks for paying, taxpayers):


Also, I’m kind of into this song right now:

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