With the school year over and everyone in Christmas mode here, I have been officially on vacation since the 17th. Now I know that one of the purposes of having a blog is for real-time updates, as opposed to righting a retrospective memoir or occasionally sending e-mails to your friends and family. However, I’ve had some technical difficulties with my Nexus 7 which prevented me from posting on my happenings and whereabouts.

Once my vacations conclude on January 4th I will be sure to post recaps on all my thoughts and locations visited (including Colonial Disney World), but for now I hope that a recap of my whereabouts will suffice:

December 17, my parents arrived to Nicaragua

  • San Carlos, Río San Juan
  • El Castillo, Río San Juan
  • Bartola, El Castillo, Río San Juan
  • Solentiname Islands, Río San Juan
  • Ometepe Island
  • Pueblos Blancos
  • Granada
  • León, where we currently reside

December 31, my parents depart for New York and my friends The Lubbens arrive for a New Years vacation at Playa Gigante, Rivas

I will mention that I had a lot of free time and finished three books about 10 days:

  • The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown
  • This Town, Mark Leibovitch
  • Inferno, Dan Brown

Literary criticism will be forthcoming as well.



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