Where’d I Go?

In a word, nowhere.

It has been a few weeks since I last made a post on this blog (I’ve put up quite a few posts on my economics blog though). The reason for my blogging absence is nothing less than it being a slow January. My friends in university cleared out of town in December and won’t be back until February or March, my site-mates also had their own vacations, and my other friends were also mostly out of town. It just left León a bit quiet. Plus work has been slow with classes not starting up until February 9.

However, I have not been sitting around doing nothing. I’ve been working hard at planning projects for this year, with great success. Here’s a rundown:

  • Getting my class schedule squared away for the new school year (can’t have all of my schools giving the business class at the same time)
  • Setting up my series of teacher trainings for this year
  • Helping the Cerro Negro rural tourism cooperative offer a full moon hike at Las Pilas-El Hoyo Volcanoes. The views are supposedly world-class, so I am very glad they are able to offer this new tour to the tourists that visit León.
  • Helping the Telica rural tourism cooperative begin to offer tourism services for the first time
  • Consulting an Engineering University in the integration of entrepreneurship in their curriculum
  • Along with my site-mate Isabel, offering sessions on health and personal finance to a local LGBT NGO. Right now we are slated to give eight sessions.

Plus, I recently found out that four or five Trainees (yes, the next group of Small Business Volunteers arrives in March – I will have been in country for a full year at that point) will be visiting me in León in April, so I have to start planning that and finding a place for them to sleep.

Once I actually accomplish any of the aforementioned green-lit projects I will be sure to write about it. I haven’t traveled much either since getting back from vacation, so I don’t have anything to post on that front either. I will be in Granada this coming week though for a training with my newest teacher, so that should be a nice escape from León. Plus, every Sunday we have been having “Spanish Club,” which just means that one of the four site-mates picks a Spanish grammar topic and teaches it to the rest of us for an hour. No English allowed!

I have been reading quite a bit. My parents got me The Economist digital edition, so I have been reading the magazine every week, along with articles I find here and there on the internet, especially from The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Dissent, Jacobin, and on economics and finance blogs that I follow. Plus I am reading Why Nations Fail. I will save my comments on that book for my economics blog though.

I’m sure that once the school year starts my astronomical levels of media intake will drop, especially come March when my friend Carys comes, followed two weeks later by my brother. In addition to the reading, I’ve watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Interview, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (words cannot express my disappointment), and Out in the Dark. My site-mates and I also really want to watch Birdman and Boyhood, but at least one of them is very long and it is hard for us to find time when we are all available.


PS – I am half sad/half happy I am missing this “epic/historic” blizzard that is coming to the Northeast. This week in León we are likely to see highs of 95 degrees. I miss skiing too!

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