The Other Nicaragua

Just about every Nicaraguan has at least one family member living in Miami. Thousands flocked to the United States during the wars, and many remain. So, ironically I now find myself in South Florida (where I have numerous family members).

This trip was not planned, but unfortunately there was an unexpected death in my family and I felt compelled to be with them. So just a week shy of being out of America and in Nicaragua for a full year, I find myself back in the States for a week.

Nicaragua – I will be back soon, don’t worry.

American friends – if you need to contact me I do not have an American cell phone number, so just hit me up over the internet (Facebook, WhatsApp, or Gmail). I’ll be heading over to my Grandmother’s retirement community clubhouse every now and them to get my dose of WiFi (which ironically, I always have in my house in Nicaragua).

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