Semana Santa, Take Two

Last year I was less than thrilled with my first Semana Santa in Nicaragua. This year, despite being tempted to hide in my room or flee the country, I will be receiving my brother instead. Come to think of it, I don’t think that we have seen each other since Thanksgiving 2013. I have a fun itinerary planned for us, and I hope that he enjoys the time he spends on his first visit to Nicaragua (and Central America for that matter).

Bambi arrives tomorrow and we will head right up to Matagalpa and spend the night there. Then the next day I will be making my return to La Dalia and heading to the Peñas Blancas nature reserve. It is supposedly a wonderfully beautiful area, and I have come to expect no less from Matagalpa.

O Matagalpa Just breathe it in

O Matagalpa
Just breathe it in

From Matagalpa we’ll be heading towards Chinandega to hike Cosigüina, maybe kayak through the wetland estuaries, and chill out at Jiquilillo Beach. All things I haven’t done but all things on my Occidente Bucket list.



After Chinandega, we’ll be headed right for the Lion’s Den to show Aaron my site, do some volcano boarding, celebrate Passover (I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves) and maybe tackle Telica for a third time (I’m not thrilled with the idea, but he’s really keen for it).

The Black Hill

The Black Hill

And by Easter Sunday, he’s back off to Puerto Rico. Let’s hope for no earthquakes accompanied by severe intestinal distress, murders, or ceaseless fireworks this year (why do you think we are headed to the hinterlands of Matagalpa and Chinandega?)!

UPDATE: Recent occurrences and the advent of Semana Santa have transpired to make Jiquilillo Beach, whose one of two hostels is called “Rancho Tranquilo,” less than tranquilo, so we will be skipping our night at the beach. Of course I will update our whereabouts if we find ourselves doing anything else fun or interesting.

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2 Responses to Semana Santa, Take Two

  1. I loved Nicaragua when I was there, although I missed out on Volcano boarding, I hope you have an Awesome Semana Santa! last Year I was in Guatemala and it was so festive, Your post has made me want to go back to Central America to relive the festivities, instead I’ll be having a much quieter and less exciting one in New Zealand.

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