Lunar Eclipse

There’s a l0t of moon action this weekend. Saturday night is the first night of Passover, which astronomically guarantees a full moon. Full moons are a big deal here in León because many tour companies offer full moon volcano hikes, which are well reviewed. However, tomorrow, before dawn, there will be a total lunar eclipse.

Bad moon rising

Bad moon rising

This eclipse is stirring up some worries here in Nicaragua. Tomorrow’s eclipse is the third in a series of four known as a tetrad. There was one last April which was followed later in the month by two big earthquakes. Then in October was the second eclipse, sure enough followed by another big earthquake. So now everyone’s worried that we’re going to have another earthquake in April, and in September again (coinciding with the fourth eclipse).

Of course this is just superstitious baloney, since astronomy has no correlation with plate tectonics, but it’s fun to think about anyway (Nicaraguans also have another superstition an exceptionally rainy late July-early August will cause an earthquake sometime later that year).

In the meantime, my brother is here. He is going on a twilight tour of Telica tonight. He’ll be sure to see a nearly full moon while up there. While he is away I will be working on some posts about his time here.

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