For Nicaragua, my street has a very large population of Jews: 2, my site-mate Isabel and me. And Isabel is a bit of a Jewish holiday aficionado. She celebrated Passover with her host family (not Jewish) last year, Hanukkah in December, and last night we celebrated Passover again with her host family.


Yes, a Spanish Hagada

I was in charge of matzoh ball soup (which was delectable thanks to the Lubbens & Co. bringing me down mix at New Years), Isabel had kosher for Passover latke mix, and Joanna (who complained about having to read the long parts of the Hagada last year) brought salad and wine.

And who knew that Isabel was such a good singer?


We also had macaroons and chocolate covered matzoh for dessert.

Some photos of my matzoh ball soup prep and the event:


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1 Response to Passover

  1. thatssojacob says:

    Eric: I enjoyed reading about this Passover seder experience! Here’s a link if you want to read about mine 🙂

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