Do We Have to Go Shoes Shopping?

Kathy Eric MelLast year, when I was on the final leg of my pre-Peace Corps Round-the-World Use All the Points You Acquired While Consulting Before They Expire Tour in Australia, my friends Mel and Kathy decided to take me on a beach day trip to Sorento. Southern Italy was not in our reach, but luckily there is a lovely stretch of beach south of Melbourne known as Sorento.

Just days after our day trip Mel was going to attend a Green and Gold Ball and was planning to dress all in gold, and she was on the hunt for gold shoes (heels, if I am not mistaken). And on the way down to Sorento we passed a shoe outlet. She insisted on stopping there, and I groaned and complained, but I was overruled.

Inside the store Cindermella didn’t find her golden high heels, but I did happen upon a pair of brown suede leather boots that I thought would be good for Nicaragua. However, I was wearing shorts and had no way of knowing if they would go well with pants. I was very reluctant to buy them. Luckily, Kathy offered to return them for me if I tried them on later with pants and did not like them, so I took the plunge and bought them.

One and a half years later, looking back, it is one of the better purchases I have ever made. Those little boots have become my everyday rugged professional wear in Nicaragua and have seen many a volcano, cobbled streets, beaches, boats, buses, bikes, schools, and an assortment of other surfaces, man made and natural. I also routinely get compliments on them. They could definitely use a little maintenance, but I think they will be able to see my through my service before themselves being honorably discharged.

My Australia BootsOur trip to Sorento was also wonderful. If I am not mistaken it is a peninsula, and on one side there are lots of sail boats and places to learn stand-up paddle-boarding. On the other side we found cool little beach-coves. Another little known fact is that Kathy was my blog design consultant and is responsible for the groovy looks of this blog.

Bonus: I’d like to make a little collection of all the pictures that I have of me wearing the boots (maybe add it to this post). If you’d like, you can comment on any post or picture that you see of me wearing them with #AustraliaBoots. I’ll give you some sort of digital present if you find the most of them.

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