San Juan de Oriente

Not the best of videos, so I’ll embellish a bit. After the GMAT on Friday, I headed back to my training town for the weekend. It was rainy and cool, which for a Leones like me right now is like dropping me in a bucket of ice water. Plus, everyone in San Juan seems to be coming down with Chikungunya.

My visit was nice. I got to see all of my friends in San Juan and the surrounding towns, plus I bought some souvenirs, something I had yet to do during my time in Nicaragua. San Juan is renowned for its pottery tradition. It seems as if every family in the town is involved in ceramics, from selling clay, to forming pieces, to selling firewood for the kilns, to painting, and to selling the pieces. Pottery is in the DNA of the town. The sidewalks have pieces of broken ceramics and tiles impressed into them. There is a pre-Columbian replica statue at every corner. There is a large terraced mural right in front of the Catholic church, and at the center of the park there is a fountain topped with a pre-Columbian figurine.

The tradition is pre-Columbian, and many artisans still make pre-Columbian replicas. But there are an abundance of styles that can be found in San Juan de Oriente, all with their merits. Here is a collage of a small portion of the artwork that I have photographed in the town:

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