Political Encyclopedia of Nicaragua

Africa – Not the continent that Nicragua is in

Central America – Now we’re talking

Ortega, Daniel – A leader of the victorious Sandinistas against the American supported
Somoza dictatorship, current President of Nicaragua

IMG_2086Murillo, Rosario – The First Lady. Some people say that she is really running the show. The hard-line Conservative Catholics also dislike her because she is into Eastern philosophy and spirituality and they think she is a witch

Chamuca – Nickname for the First Lady. I never remember how she got this name, but everyone always giggles when I say it. They also call her La Bruja (which just means the witch).

Chayo – Another nickname of the First Lady, but this one is just a common name for people named Rosario. It is like Bob for Robert.

Noriega – Former dictator of Panama, having nothing to do with Nicaragua

Sandino, Augusto César – Revolutionary hero of Nicaragua against the US Marines in the 1930’s. He had nothing to do with the Sandinistas, who only took inspiration from his example.

Sandinistas – Also known as the FSLN – Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional, the Sandinistas, haven taken inspiration from the man Sandino, who was long dead, came to power in 1979 after defeating the American-supported Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua. They were vilified as the devil incarnate by Reagan throughout the 80’s. The Sandinistas are Socialists, just like President Obama.

Contras – US supported rebels who fought the Sandinistas in the 80’s

Zapatistas – A one time rebel group in Chiapas, Mexico (formally known as the EZLN – Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional) who took inspiration from the Sandinistas

de Blasio, Bill – Mayor of New York City. Visited Nicaragua in 1988 in support of Sandinista policy.


A little Danny and Chayo action, with some Sandinos in the picture as well


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