Kickstarter Update

We Made It! I can’t believe that it took about 18 hours to fund the whole project. Thank you Duke, Mom, Cousin Jeff, Jacob, Aaron, Uncle Stu, and Matt T for contributing. I am retaking the GMAT on Friday so I am going to focus on studying (I studied twice today, in fact) until then. However, I hope to have the new and improved Incidents of Travel up and running next week. I will be sure to notify everyone.


The Kickstarter will stay live until August 8. I encourage people to continue contributing. I will use the extra money for the high school entrepreneurship competitions I will be hosting in October. For the competitions I have to rent tables and chairs plus buy refreshments, so every dollar really helps.

Here’s the Kickstarter link:

IMG_4831Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect to see when the blog is back up and running (with the ability to add photos):

  • Cultural events in León
  • Another addition of “Reasons Why Classes Were Cancelled”
  • My trip to Yúcul
  • Something I am going to call “The Gringo Awards”

Thanks again everyone!

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