Incidents of Travel is Shut Down … Temporarily (Hopefully)

No, the United States government did not censor me. And no, the Sandinistas did not bust down my door and bash-in my laptop. WordPress, the website that I use for my blog, has a limit on how many gigabytes of photos I can post. Can you believe that in under two years and under 200 posts I’ve uploaded 3GB worth of photos?!


As of right now, I can’t post any more articles (I can post articles without new pictures, but those are too dry for my tastes). I’ve literally got great posts ready to go with awesome pictures of cultural events and landscapes from all around Nicaragua, but I can’t get them up without your help.

Getting a WordPress upgrade is expensive, especially for this humble Peace Corps Volunteer. I’ve estimated that an upgrade costs me one month’s rent plus a week’s worth of food down here. Luckily, you can help! I’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign, and you can donate as much as you’d like. If I reach my goal I can buy this blog the upgrade it deserves and keep serving Peace Corp’s Third Goal.

Here’s the link:

To sweeten the deal, I’ve set up four tiers of rewards for my donors. And they are cumulative. Each tier receives the preceding rewards also.

Reward #1: $5
Digital Interview

After I get my upgrade I will post a digital interview, where I have answered questions sent to me directly from my donors. Have you always had a question about the Peace Corps, Nicaragua, what exactly it is I do down here, or something else about my life. This is your chance. Your name and/or contact information can be included along with your question if you would like them to be.

Reward #2: $10
Themed Picture

Give me a theme, any theme, and I will search it out, photograph it, and post the evidence here on this blog (assuming that you help me reach my goal and I can in fact upgrade my blog and post new pictures). Bugs, flowers, poor, children, horses, food, ocean, sky, school, politics, history, flags, markets, busses, feet, dust, trees, poetry, music, ANYTHING. You name the theme, I’ll click away.

Reward #3: $15
Personalized Video

This blog isn’t just a blog, it is also a vlog (video weblog). I frequently post video updates, sometimes not even accompanied by any text or photos. For $15 donors you will receive a personalized vlog post right here on this blog.

Reward #4: $20
Printed Photograph

Make it rain with a Jackson and I will have one of my photographs printed up and sent right to your home (international restrictions may or may not apply). You can choose the photo or I can choose it for you. I may also throw in a personalized not on the flip-side. And don’t forget, tier four also includes all of the aforementioned rewards as well.

So please consider heading over to Kickstarter and donating a few pesos.

Here’s a quick slideshow of some the photos I’ve posted that I am fond of. I’m sure that there will be more to come (I’ve still got nine months of service left), but I need your help:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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