This weekend brought me to the farthest reaches of my department to the town of Achuapa, where two Volunteers live, Mary, a Health Volunteer who came to country in my group, and Ruben, an Environment Volunteer from the group prior (rumor has it that they will be getting a TEFL Volunteer from the new group that arrives in country this Wednesday). I had wanted to see their site, and this weekend provided an excellent opportunity, since there was a music festival.

The festival was nice. It had an environmental theme and there were a lot of acts over two nights. It was mainly acoustic folksy stuff with conga drums, but I can’t complain about a free concert. By Saturday night there were 11 Volunteers at the concert, and we also ran into a Peace Corps staff member while we were there.

IMG_2384 IMG_2385

Achuapa is known for its production of sesame seeds, and there were some local tradespeople selling tahini, sesame oil, and other sesame derived products. During the day on Saturday we got a chance to traipse around Achuapa and its surrounds. It is getting up towards the mountains, so it is cooler than León (still hot though), and it it greener as well.

IMG_2397 IMG_2393

Unfortunately I don’t have much else to say about Achuapa or the festival. I’m grateful to Mary and Ruben for inviting us all for the weekend and putting us up. This coming week for me is busy, with some interesting diversions. On Tuesday I will be a judge in the English Singing Contest at the local high schools. I don’t know what to expect, other than Nicaraguan high-schoolers singing English language songs, but I will be sure to report in afterwards. And Thursday is the Gritería, which I hear is somewhat like Halloween but only takes place in León and celebrates the Virgin Mary, not death. Again, I will be sure to report in.


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5 Responses to Achuapa

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  2. Rosa Jones says:

    Hi there! I was one of the Raleigh volunteers also at the festival and also the school singing competition with Mary and Ruben! They had also told me about the potential of an English language volunteer arriving in Achuapa- and I had questioned about the feasabilty of them teaching a class in my community- La Perla (10 minutes away). I wrote a letter to the Ministry of Education and am hoping to be able to push the idea as far as possible as La Perla’s youth are really keen, but sadly have left Achuapa now. Would you possibly have any contact details for Mary or Ruben? Thankyou for your time, Rosa Jones

  3. einsler says:

    Email me please. I don’t want to put their information on the internet.

    • Rosa Jones says:

      Hi there, I’ve only just seen this email! Somehow went straight into my trash! I completely understand- so same question- via email! Thanks, Rosa Jones

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