The Five Minute Game

Toward the end of our time in Ireland we got a bit restless, especially since a storm keep us indoors one whole day. I came up with a game we could play that is as brilliant as it is easy.

Every player is given five minutes to run around outside and take one picture with their smartphone. After the five minutes are up the players share their pictures and vote for the best one. You can’t vote for your own picture.


We played one round near the house then we decided to go down to the strand (strand was a new word for me in Ireland, but apparently it means the seafront. Sort of like the boardwalk for Americans I guess) for a few more rounds. People can give you some odd looks as you’re traipsing around looking for creative scenery, but it is all in good fun. A kind woman asked Alice if she was alright as she was awkwardly sprawled across the beach framing the perfect shot of the sun shimmering off of the surf.

Here are some of my pictures. Unfortunately none of mine won. The day belonged to Mairi with her themed photos “In the Trenches” and “Death.” If only she would send them to me I would put them up here with mine!


I think the game is great because it is so easy to play. Everyone has an inner artist yearning to break free. This game allows that. In addition it invites variation. If five minutes isn’t enough go for ten, or even a whole day. People don’t even need to be in the same place to play. Pictures can easily be shares over smartphones. It can be played indoor or outdoors. We didn’t allow photo editing other than cropping, but you can allow editing and filtering if you’d like. Mat is an outdoor educator and he said he is going to introduce it to his teenage groups because his students love their phones and he wants to promote creativity.

That's not a bird. It's the kite of a kite surfer.

That’s not a bird. It’s the kite of a kite surfer.

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