A few people told me it didn’t make sense to go to Sweden in the winter. It would be too cold and there are very few daytime hours. When I arrived in Stockholm it was about 40 degrees F out. On the East Cost of the US it was about 5 F. Point Sweden. It did get chillier as the week went on (we had some snow too), but all in all the weather was pleasant for Scandinavia in the winter. There was much less daylight than the East Coast though. The sun was up by 9 AM and down by 4 PM. So you do have to get up early to enjoy the whole day. Still, I had a great time in Stockholm.

I stayed with my friend Oscar. Oscar and I worked at camp together in 2010. I consider him one of my best friends from that summer. 2010 was a very challenging summer but Oscar was a rock. He’s a funny guy too.


I liked the city of Stockholm. The city is an archipelago and each island seems to have its own architectural style. There’s the old town, the modern, and the contemporary. There is also a lot of public art, including statues and art in the subway. My favorite was this statue, which at first looked like a pile of dog poo, but on closer inspection looks like a maritime rendering of beauty and the beast to me.


Like most cities in Europe, Stockholm has free tours which I took. And once again I was amazed at hearing stories from the history of the city and thinking, “I remember this from Mrs. Williams’ class.” She really was a remarkable teacher, but everything I remember about history is in a German accent.

In addition to the tours we went to a bunch of museums and cultural centers. The Science and Technology Museum had this exhibit on video games. It was very cool. They had basically every system ever, and tons of games to play, from the original pong through to PS4 games. Oscar and I spent hours there playing old and new games. Playing Pac Man for real was great, unlike at Pizza Village where my parents never gave me quarters because they thought I didn’t know the difference between hitting the buttons but not having control and actually playing.

Oscar and I watched a bunch of movies and Family Guy too (I can’t believe people outside the US like it. So many of the references are very American). I really liked The Prestige. I was able to stay one step ahead of the plot most of the movie. My brother would have had trouble though.

All in all, I had a great time in Stockholm. This concludes my mini-tour or Europe, and stage 3 out of 5 of my post-EY/pre-service travels. On this trip I saw Mairi, Alice, Alice, Mel, Mat, Phil, Emma Moran, Dave & Amy, Tom Prior, and Oscar Ziden, plus two possible future Shoholans, Alice and Phil’s brother Nick and Alice Marjot’s sister. If you count those two as one whole person and add in the Umpleby brothers and Emma Tutty, I’m at a total of 15 (I also saw Aaron, but he doesn’t count due to family relations). I’ll be wracking up a few more in the next month and half. Maybe I can break 30!

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