I Saw the President and the First Lady Today

No, not Barack and Michelle, Daniel and Rosario, the President of Nicaragua and his wife.


Today is the birthday of Augusto Cesar Sandino (the 119th anniversary of his birth in fact), and he was born in the same town that I am living in for training, Niquinohomo, so the Prez and his wife made an appearance for the occasion.

(For anyone trying to keep track of Sandino, the Sandinistas, Ortega, and the other buzzwords of Nica politics sometimes heard in the US news, take a look at my Political Encyclopedia of Nicaragua)

Danny and Chamuca showed up, in typical Nicaraguan fashion, one hour late, and then he gave a rather boring speech. He only got riled up and waved his fist in the air a few times. Nevertheless, I’ve got some nice pictures from the rally of what my friend Jessica coined, “that sub-tropical political angst.”


Basically, he just talked about how awesome Sandino was, how the pueblos of Nicaragua are important, how people should have affordable housing. I think his speech writers just took a de Blasio speech, translated it, and switched out Hurricane Sandy for the recent earthquakes (or de Blasio’s speechwriters lifted an Ortega speech and did the same thing, substituting the Hurricane Sandy for the earthquakes).

I don’t have much else to report. I was just excited that I saw the President and I wanted to let all three of my readers know.

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