RIP Bellota

My readers are sure to know and love Bellota, my host family’s dog. Unfortunately, last week Bellota passed away after a short illness. I first noticed that she lacked her normal pomp and circumstance a bit over a month ago. She wasn’t barking unnecessarily at random times of the day, nor chasing around the house the cats and lizards running on the roof. I didn’t hear the customary tick-tick-tick of her nails on the tile floors of the house when I came home. And her usual rubenesque self was looking a bit slimmer. She succumbed about a month later to her mystery illness.

Bellota Rojas Medina was three. She is survived by Mineo, the cat.

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1 Response to RIP Bellota

  1. lijiun says:

    Great you and your family celebrated beautiful moment with Bellota!

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