Do you know that there is a sushi restaurant in León? For inexplicable reasons it is called Manhattan, and it isn’t bad. And I can imagine that they get their fish at the Mercadito of Sutiava, one of the four markets in León. Mercadito is on the western side of the city in the pre-Columbian borough known as Sutiava. This is on the side of the city closest to the Pacific Ocean and the bus to the beach leaves from there. For this reason, Mercadito has the largest fish selection in the city. I was there two weeks ago to catch a bus to the beach, and I snapped some pictures of the catch:

At least one of these is illegal to harvest, sell, and consume. See if you can guess which one.

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2 Responses to Fish

  1. einsler says:

    I didn’t see any turtle soup, but the picture with the bag filled with eggs has sea turtle eggs

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