The Lion’s Den

After showing my parents Colonial Disney World, it was only fitting for me to bring them to the Lion’s Den, León.



On our agenda were:

I had done all of these things before, and I didn’t take any pictures, so I will not upload here and highlight all of the photos that my mom took, but I will say that my parents seemed to really like León. Compared to Granada is just seemed a lot more authentic to them, which I think it is. They also got to meet my host family, two out of my three remaining site-mates (unfortunately Jen was in Tennessee visiting her home and family), and other friends and family in León that I hang out with.

On New Year’s Eve, me, my parents, and the unwelcome bacteria who had recently rented a room in my digestive tract woke up in León, parted the city farewell, and headed for the airport in Managua, where I sent my parents off, back to New York, and picked up one of my best friends, Eric, along with his wife (Elizabeth), sister (Annie), her friend (Molly), and his parents (Babette & Gary). We were headed for Playa Gigante.

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